Monday, 29 August 2011

Plus Size belts: A Great Fashion Accessory for Plus Size Women


Belt is one of the most regularly used fashion accessory used both by men and women. It has undergone several changes from shape size to material, design every aspect of belt keeps changing from time to time. Belts can be paired with so many different garments. From skirts to rompers and jumpsuits, maxi dresses, the belt can be used to complete an outfit. There are so many different styles, textures and colors to choose from to help you choose a belt that fits your unique style. Plus size belts are very popular nowadays.

How to choose?

Consider a big belt buckle that will add length to the plus size belt. These belts highlight the figure more and add a sense of size proportion. Choose a belt that is at least two inches larger than your waist. Chain link belts are stretchable belts and one can adjust according to the size. A plus size belt that is thicker in width will look good on women.

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Types of plus size belts:

  • Oversized leather Belts: These belts look best on plus size women. It can be braided, embossed or smooth. Some of the leather belts have longer fringe that hang in front or to the size of the body.
  • Studded Belts: It is a leather belt embellished with diamond or metal studs. The medium width belt is best for the curvy girl.
  • Sash Belt: This belt wraps around the waist and ties in front or on the side. The wider sash belts look great on plus size women.
  • Link Belt: It is made of large pieces of metal linked together by a stretchy cable. These belts can be worn over long sweaters or tunics.


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