Friday, 26 August 2011

Operating Principle of Automatic Watches

Automatic watches do not replace the bells. Technology is necessary in previous centuries; people wind their watches to keep them at the right time. It requires the loader torsion springs on a 12 or 24 hours long, and it depends on the make and model type. And "the basic mechanism inside the watch that keeps emerging in hours and minutes. Technology develops so do not limit clocks. Digital and analog clocks began to use batteries to keep the exact time without having to decompress them. But there are those who love the old one. Since 1993, automatic watches proved to be much admired.

Operating principle
A timer is equivalent to the eye. The mechanism is almost exactly the same. Not a rotor that is located inside the watch to the staff at the center to pass the time before. It turns out that it will begin liquidation. With a timer, you have an energy reserve to help keep time. It is necessary for anyone with a timer to use every day to keep the correct time. After some time, which is 10 to 72 hours of the clock will have to undergo the reserve of energy to rewind.

View these machines are hand-wound an option that should be used every two weeks to keep the machinery lubricated properly. Which has the largest reserves on the clock, time is maintained, then rolled by hand to maintain the power reserve and is an alternative. The Seiko is best known for his role as the standby mode automatically, and Switzerland, which produces a line of automatic watches. In general, these watches are quartz crystals leads, which is a more expensive product in the industry. For buying the watch, just visit

As a result, the construction of automatic watches, they need treatment. They are not intended to be used in the building or serious lifting in the manufacturing industry. The above description we can say that automatic watches are superior in the office, wherever they cannot be damaged. It should also be aware that chemicals can affect the performance and accuracy of the clock. Shampoo, soap, and even water can damage the automatic watch. So, take care of Watch is equally important to know how it works. To purchase automatic watches at cheap and affordable price collecting and using Overstock Coupon.

Maintenance Factor
Each year, you have to do maintenance on the clock. This may require a stop at a jewelry store and watches. If you have some knowledge of the inner workings may be able to take care of it. It can be treated each year is to extend the life of the watch. Optionally, you can wait up to 3 years, but the oil could turn into dry and can be left without maintenance.

This is why you must get a special pair of automatic watch. When you find some of the problems just to see if the problem could be that the clock will need lubrication.

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